Sisyphus: Daily Tasks Never End. Max Alex Agostini PRSC

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Everyday life is not only — daily life- with a so called “Routine” that actually comprises in ways in which people typically thing, act, feel and have. Even a normal routine can produce daily rush hours.

Such are are usually experienced by many millions around the globe:

Sisyphus compares humanity fetal search for meaning of such every-day-habits:

Nowadays the punishment of Sisyphus is being compared to humanity fetal search for meaning of life, our daily struggles of life.

It all start with being forced to rely on mobile phones every single day, without being charged up, this handsets turns into a brick within seconds. Without it we are not able to manage our life at all, it especially includes those mobile communication- , banking-, social-media-apps, not to mention our calendar, files, data are all stored online. Certainly we could try to find a way to — temporary- logon from a computer, however, our whole world is now in the mind of Sisyphus.

Who was Sisyphus, how was he being remembered?

Sisyphus was the king of Corinth, punished for his deceitfulness by being forced to roll an immense boulder up-hill, for it to roll down as soon as it would have reached the top. Repeating this action for eternity was especially meant for his self-aggrandizing craftiness.

In modern culture, we pretty much feel like being this man that used to roll a boulder to the top of the bill, most of the time — not all the time- we see some of our work and achievements to roll down again, this is when we have risked condemning an entire generation to a future without hope.

It doesn’t necessarily has to be a negative impact to feel like the King of Corinth:

Sisyphus — a great man that keeps us going — for eternity:

Sisyphus is one of the people that could assist us in providing us this “daily-drive”, to keep going and to do what we have to do: make a living, no matter it is all about living to work, or whether you are work to live, we all got to — this is for eternity- roll an immense boulder up-hill, for it to roll down as soon as it would have reached the top.

Conclusion of today’s article:

A cruel king of Corinth condemned forever to roll a huge stone up a hill in Hades only to have it roll down again on nearing the top.

We may have a typical stress-driven life, some jobs may obtains little to no self-recognition or gratification from accomplishing the difficult goals that may have been placed on ourselves, however, this punishment for the cruel king of Corinth definitely has nothing to do with us, a daily life and routine, is a good thing to do and have: how could we possibly avoid brushing our teeth, or stop eating / shower at all, only because we would compare it the Sisyphus syndrome.

Sisyphus actually tricked Hades, the god who no longer collected souls, and therefore could not die, he has put himself into the position to roll the immense boulder uphill, and this was for eternity.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

If there are any questions that may arise in the meantime, please feel so free to contact me directly at (86–21) 6157 4954 or drop me an email to

Kind regards from the very city centre of Shanghai, The People’s Republic of China,


Maximilian-Alexander Agostini

PRSC APAC Procurement Team a division of People’s Republic Sourcing Channel Limited Corp..

Chief Executive Officer

People’s Republic Sourcing Channel Limited (Shanghai, CN)

People’s Republic Sourcing Channel Limited (Beijing, CN)

People’s Republic Sourcing Channel Limited (Dubai, UAE)



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